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Even with perfect at-home dental hygiene, plaque and tartar can still accumulate on your teeth, leading to oral health problems. The team at Pine Center Dental Group in Chino Hills, California, provides general dentistry services, including dental cleanings and check-ups to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. If you or a family member are due for a dental exam, call the practice, or schedule your appointment online today.

General Dentistry Q&A

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is the primary care of dental services. Your dentist provides exams, treatments, and advice to protect and preserve your dental and oral health. The two main components of general dentistry include:

Dental exams

During a dental exam, your dentist studies your teeth, gums, and other soft tissue in your mouth, checking for signs of disease or decay. The team uses X-rays and other specialized tools to identify problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye. 

For example, your dentist can diagnose small areas of decay on the surface of your teeth, internal tooth decay, and early-stage gum disease. If the team finds any problems, your dentist can provide treatment before you experience any pain or other symptoms.

Dental cleaning

Professional dental cleanings are an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Even if you brush and floss your teeth as directed at home, bacteria and plaque can still build up on your teeth and penetrate your gums. 

A professional dental cleaning can remove the bacteria and sticky plaque before they turn into tartar or cause gingivitis (gum disease). Routine dental cleanings prevent tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and other disruptive dental problems. 

Why is preventive dental care important?

Preventive dental care is essential to protecting your overall dental health, impacting your overall health and well-being. Strong, healthy teeth allow you to talk, bite, and chew. They provide a healthy, attractive smile, which is often crucial to your self-esteem. 

Without proper at-home and in-office dental care, you increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Tooth loss not only affects your smile but also interferes with the bone health in your jaw, which can lead to your remaining teeth drifting out of place or becoming loose and falling out. 

General dentistry helps keep your smile healthy and intact. 

How often do I need to have general dentistry appointments?

The American Dental Association recommends that you have dental check-ups and professional cleanings at least every six months. However, if you have inflamed gums or any signs of another dental health issue, your dentist might recommend more frequent check-ups.

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